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iloveyoualatte's Journal

18 November 1987
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It's All About Holly
♥I'm the BLONDEST brunette that you will possibly ever come across.
♥I love my husband, Trey (10.22.07)
♥I'm ALWAYS hungry.
♥Mascara IS a girl's best friend.
♥I'd like to think I'm a fairly nice person 98.99%of the time! =]
♥I have absolutely no patience.
♥Oh, and I don't wrestle. I beat bitches up. Haha.

♥I love candles!
♥College for the most part..blows.
♥I say things before I think about how it's going to sound..
♥I love driving (or riding)with the windows down.
♥Smoking is the BIGGEST turn-off.
♥I like to talk A LOT,mostly about nothing.
♥I miss highschool more than anyone should ever admit.
♥I love Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

♥I'm a D-O-R-K.
♥I clean when I'm angry.
♥I still haven't decided what I want to do with my life.
♥I love babies..but I am not looking forward to having my own.
♥I like to meet people..in the trap. haha...
♥I like to know what's going on ALL the time.
♥I can't go anywhere without spending money.
♥I hate change...change is bad.
♥I love shampoo...and hate blow-drying my hair =[ =[ =[

♥I'm addicted to food. I can out-eat YOU. & your mom.
♥I like chocolate..any day of the week.
♥I'll eat salad..like there's no tomorrow.
♥I absolutely ♥ college folk.
♥Text messaging has become second nature to me.
♥I need a new car.
♥I always wear a bra & so should you.
♥I dont like to wait.......
♥I have a bad habit of cutting people off in the middle of their sentence.=[

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